Me and my wonderful love met on tumblr ❤ . He had recently been out of a relationship and posted a blog about it , He had DM’d me before that and complimented my blog , He had been my tumblr crush for awhile before that and so it was such a big deal when he had messaged me , I knew he was gonna play a big role in my life and i knew there was something special about him . But his blog post had been Explaining how he felt and how hurt he was . I of course saw it and knew I needed to message him and comfort or even try helping the best I could . Apparently it won him over and we began chatting after that , We talked all night and the next day and every single day after that . Ever since then we’ve been inseparable . He lives in Virginia and I’m in north Carolina , 5 hours away from each other . Honestly meeting him is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love this boy with every inch of my being . He’s my bestfriend , my boyfriend , My shoulder to cry on , My therapist , My inspiration and motivation , He’s the reason I wake up every day and he’s the reason its takes me forever to fall asleep at night (: We’ve been together going on 8 months now and I know there’s gonna be many many many months to come . He’s the best boyfriend any girl could ask for and I’m honestly blessed to have him , He’s my little piece of heaven and I wouldn’t ask for anything more . Thank you Eric for staying by my side and putting up with me ❤ @cavachii #tumblr couples